Setrika Uap Laundry Silter Mini SPR 2005E


Setrika Uap Laundry Silter Mini SPR 2005E

Rp10,500,000 Rp8,500,000


Silter Super Mini Professional is a steam electric iron attached to a steam
boiler, which supplies all the steam that the iron needs. The heating element
is underneath the boiler in which water is heated for generating steam under

Reducing ironing time to 1-3. 6 safety devices. Energy saving. Special inox
boiler prevents forming of limescale.

– Water Capacity: 5 liters
– Boiler Power: 2250W, 220V
– Iron Power: 800 W, 220 V
– Energy Consumption: 1.6 kW/h
– Voltage: 220-230 V, 50-60 Hz
– Non-Stop Ironing Capacity: 5.5 hours
– Steam Pressure: 3.5 bars
– Continuous Dry Steam Output: 10-100 g min
– Boiler Material: Special Stainless Steel
– Heat-Up Time: 8 minutes


Setrika Uap Laundry

Spesifikasi  Setrika Uap Laundry – SILTER Super Mini SPR 2005E

SILTER – Laundry & Drycleaning Finishing Equipment.

Portable, bisa diletakkan diatas meja, 100% aman, kapasitas air 5 Ltr, produksi steam melalui setrika dengan tekanan 2, 5 Bar.
Spesfikasi :
– Boiler Power : 2250 watt
– Iron Power    : 800 W

– Preassure     : 3.5 BAR
– Voltage         : 220/ 230 V, 50/ 60 Hz


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