Professional Vacuum Ironing Table

Professional Vacuum Ironing Table

Meja Vakum Alat Praktek Laundry SMK

Professional vacuum ironing table and heated with 2.8-liter boiler with fully automatic water refilling professional iron Bieffe and water tank 10 Lt.

BF085 is an ironing board complete with a 2.8 liter boiler with automatic refill, capable of providing unlimited autonomy of continuous ironing. As with any Bieffe model with boiler, our boilers are made of copper with external band resistances, thus ensuring high efficiency and longer life. The heated surface allows you to dry your clothes with a maximum absorption of 700W, inside a 150W suction motor will keep your clothes well stretched on the axis. The BF085 heated bed can be adjusted by the thermostat already included. Thanks to the pedal unit supplied, you can activate suction and blowing whenever you want. The ironing board is resealable allowing it to be stored in any room of the house, all without any effort thanks to the wheels capable of making it extremely manageable. BF085 is also very stable thanks to the removable and extendable steel feet.


Ironing Table

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