Mesin Cuci Front Load Maytag MHN33PN 10.5 Kg


Mesin Cuci Front Load Maytag MHN33PN 10.5 Kg

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Mesin Cuci Front Load Maytag MHN33PN

Deskripsi Washer Commercial Maytag MHN33PN

Kelebihan menggunakan Mesin cuci komersial Maytag
– Lebih menghemat pemakaian listrik dan air.
– Drum Stainless Steel
– Spin Maximum 1000 Rpm.
– Premium Porcelain-Enamel Top
– Smooth Balance Suspension System
– TurboWash Systems : meningkatkan efisiensi mesin untuk menghemat energi dalam proses pencucian
Sangat rekomended untuk usaha Laundry, Pabrik,Rumah Sakit serta Rumah Tangga.


Mesin Cuci Front Load Maytag MHN33

Product Details
Capacity 3.2 Cu. Ft.
Easy-to-Use One-Touch Cycle Selection
Flexible Wash Options
Automatic Detergent, Softener, and Bleach Dispenser Drawer
TurboWash™ System Delivers Better Cleaning While Using Less Water
Dual Coin Drop Option
Product Dimensions
Width 27 ”
Height 45.67”
Depth 29.25 ”
Product Specifications
Cylinder Volume (88L) 3.1 cu. ft.
Average Water Usage per Cycle 12.4 gallon
Net Weight 140 lbs (63.5 kg)
Motor 1.33HP
Electrical Requirements 220V/50Hz
Water Supply Pressure 20-100psi
Net Weight 245lb (111kg)
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