Mesin Pencuci Karpet Profesional

Mesin Pencuci Karpet Profesional

Mesin Pencuci Karpet Profesional

Kami hadirkan produk baru teknologi Italy, mesin pencuci karpet.

Daya cuci kuat dan praktis, dengan kualitas barang yang sudah dipakai oleh Hotel-Hotel berbintang di dunia.

Merk Santoemma adalah merk terkenal di Eropa yang sudah sejak lama memberikan solusi tentang mengatasi masalah kebersihan dan higenitas di area Hotel.

Informasi selanjutnya silahkan segera hubungi marketing kami di 021 8740875 atau klik

CARPET Professional Cleaning Program Introduction

Santoemma CARPET professional cleaning program includes the widest range of machines and accessories on the market, suitable for professional cleaning of carpeted areas. Reliability and robustness characterize the whole range. Santoemma developed unique systems and adopted special technologies, allowing to get the best cleaning results and the maximum performance.

Injection-extraction system with mechanical brushing action

With injection-extraction system, a solution of water and chemical is sprayed into the carpetÕs fibres and immediately sucked. The solution and the dirt removed are recovered in the machine body. The cleaning result is improved with the mechanical action of a rotating brush, which allows to remove dirt from the base of carpet fibres, for a complete cleaning of each fibre. No residual dirt will re-emerge from the fibres base on the carpet surface a few days after cleaning.


The drying time carpet of after cleaning highly depends on the vacuum strength.
Specially designed high waterlift vacuum motors have been developed for Santoemma machines, allowing to get up to 50% higher waterlift than standard carpet extractors.
This results in an extremely shorter drying time than with normal carpet extractors: carpet can be completely dry within 1 hour. Not only the drying time is reduced, but also a better cleaning result is obtained, since the extra solution extracted from carpet fibers contains extra dirt removed from carpet. The same residual dirty solution, if left evaporating on carpet as it normally happens, would leave the carpet not so clean as with Santoemma high waterlift machines.


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